High Definition Lipolysis

Minimally invasive surgical procedure, used under the direction of Dr. Cubillos and our team of surgeons, to eliminate localized body fat, allowing our patients to shape their figure and improve their quality of life.

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La duración aproximada del procedimiento quirúrgico es de 2 a 3 horas

Our patients can lose weight quickly and improve their figure

The laser dilutes the fat and allows its extraction in a liquid way; It can be applied to the abdomen, waist, arms, double chin, eliminating unwanted fat, with minimal complications.

We have the latest generation laser technology to intervene in each phase of the process. From the preparation, then during the surgical act, and later in the recovery, we use different subdermal and external laser devices that allow us to obtain the desired results for each procedure.


Advantages and benefits of laser lipolysis

  • Few days of Disability
  • Use of state-of-the-art technology
  • Strong results
  • More natural figure
  • Dialing and high definition
  • Effective and lasting procedure
  • Approximate duration of the procedure between 2 and 3 hours