Medical Equipment

We are in the city of Bogotá in a very quiet area with easy access. Our facilities are modern and comfortable to provide our patients with a quality experience. Likewise, we have all the pertinent protocols and requirements to be an authorized IPS clinic that complies with all the health and care regulations set forth by the Secretary of Health.

We are a comprehensive team of professionals specialized in different areas of medicine.

At the head of the team, we are pleased to have the expertise and scientific knowledge of Dr. Gabriel Cubillos, who is our scientific director. Our medical team is made up of an enviable medical talent, who knows our procedures, technology and quality of service in depth.

Medical Team

Our team of doctors and specialists is made up of highly trained personnel, whose experience is enriched with an interest in the well-being, health care, rejuvenation and proper weight management of our patients.

The clinic staff is specially trained in the proper management of metabolic treatments, for rejuvenation and overweight control, with magisterial formulas created and applied by our scientific director.


Each of our specialist doctors is committed to positively impacting the lives of our patients with the aim of delivering the best results within the different treatments offered by our clinic.

Dr. Gabriel Cubillos
Scientific Director - Doctor and Surgeon

Scientific Director of the Obesity and Aging Clinic, for more than 20 years Dr. Gabriel Cubillos has dedicated himself to research and discovery of treatments that help humanity combat the terrible obesity pandemic.

During his career, Doctor Cubillos has had the opportunity to verify the effectiveness of his medical treatments for healthy weight loss in more than 20,000 patients. Now he has decided to share his knowledge, which is not only available to all health professionals who wish to learn his method, but also to those patients who need to lose weight and want to get rid of those extra kilos, which do not allow them to have a better life quality.

Dr. Andrés Miguel Ortegón Pulido
Surgeon and Cosmetic Surgeon

Surgeon, specialized in aesthetic plastic surgery, and reconstructive surgery from the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. Throughout his professional career, he has worked for important hospitals in Colombia and abroad.

Member of the Colombian Association of Medical Schools and the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery. He belongs to the Ibero-American Federation of Plastic Surgery, and has participated in congresses, courses, and symposiums in Colombia and abroad, strengthening his medical-surgical knowledge to provide specialized services in cosmetic surgery with the application of laser technology.

Dr. Edgar Rangel Omeara
Surgeon and Anesthesiologist

General Surgeon from the University of Cartagena, specializing in anesthesiology from the El Bosque University, during his extensive career he has worked for the best hospital entities in our country. His specialization in anesthesiology and resuscitation gives our patients the peace of mind to access friendly anesthesia and surgery, and our surgeons to perform the procedures with confidence and safety.

Dra. Maria Consuelo Carranza

Surgeon, member of the Colombian Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, S.C.C.P., of the FILACP – Ibero-American Federation of Plastic Surgery, as well as the IPRAS – International Confederation For Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery. She has participated in congresses, courses, and symposiums in Colombia and abroad, strengthening her knowledge as a surgeon to provide specialized services in cosmetic surgery with the application of laser technology.


Nursing and medical assistance staff

Each of the members of our medical care team is specially trained to provide a suitable and high-quality professional service. All of them nurses with experience in patient care, helping them effectively during their pre and post-surgical care.

The essential work of our nurses is to be part of an interdisciplinary team that actively participates in the care and well-being of each of our patients in a personalized and comprehensive way, taking care of their state of health, respecting their values, principles and customs.

Amanda Rocio Niño
Head Nurse

Eliana Cristina Polanco
Head Nurse

Viviana Salazar

Amanda Rocio Niño Mosquera
Enfermera Especialista

        Profesional de enfermería 

  Especialista en Gerencia de la calidad

  Especialista en Auditoría en Salud 

Profesional de enfermería, Especialista en Gerencia de la Calidad y Auditoría en Salud, con perfil orientado a la planificación, organización, dirección y control de procesos productivos y administrativos en el sector de la salud. Con destacada experiencia( 10 años ámbito asistencial y administrativo)  Normas, circulares, decretos, resoluciones y leyes nacionales e en salud, métodos y sistemas de intervención para establecer diagnósticos situacionales de las organizaciones en el sector de la salud, proceso de habilitación ,conocimientos en PAMEC (Programa de Auditoria para el mejoramiento de Calidad en salud),diagnóstico e implementación en seguridad al paciente ,proceso administrativo, ética y legislación en el ámbito administrativo , generación de informes e indicadores, gestión de calidad y planes de mejoramiento, Capacidad en liderar, entrenar y fomentar el trabajo en equipo para el logro de resultados de alto desempeño.

Eliana Cristina Polanco Audor
Coordinadora Asistencial

Enfermera profesional egresada de la Universidad de Cundinamarca, especialista Gerencia en servicios de Salud. Líder en los procesos de Coordinar, supervisar y direccionar el área asistencial, en el ámbito clínico de manera autónoma, crítica y responsable, gestora del cuidado de enfermería, experiencia en manejo de servicios a nivel asistencial, implementación y seguimiento de políticas, protocolos que promueva   una atención segura, integral con calidad y calidez a los usuarios.

Viviana Salazar
Auxiliar de Enfermería

Auxiliar de enfermería con 20 años de experiencia, amplios conocimientos en asistencia de cirugía plástica estética y manejo de pacientes en postoperatorios estéticos. Destacada por su calidad humana en la evaluación y cuidados a pacientes en enfermería orientados a su bienestar y recuperación.

Amanda Rocio Niño Mosquera
Head Nurse

Nursing professional
Quality Management Specialist
Health Audit Specialist

Head of Quality graduated from the Antonio Nariño University; with a degree in head nurse. Specialist in Quality Management and Health Audit with extensive experience in the administrative and care area.

During her career she has been coordinator of the intensive care unit in hospitals and clinics, in the neonatal area.

Extensive knowledge in hospital auditing, among its most important functions are the management of PAMEC, health qualification, Rips, patient safety, personnel management, general audit. She guarantees our patients quality service, her philosophy as a nursing professional is based on ethical and moral principles aligned with our values as a clinic, which allows exercising democratic leadership, promoting teamwork, using effective communication with our work team and our patients.

Eliana Cristina Polanco Audor
Assistance Coordinator

Professional nurse graduated from the University of Cundinamarca, specialist in Health Services Management with comprehensive training in the field of administrative, community, educational and research assistance.

Her job at our clinic is to create comprehensive processes and actions that tend to improve and maintain the quality of life of our patients. As a leader in the quality area, her focus is to take care of the well-being of our patients during their stay at our clinic, ensuring the provision of an ideal quality service and the satisfaction of our patients.

Viviana Salazar
Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistant with 20 years of experience, extensive knowledge in aesthetic plastic surgery assistance and patient management in aesthetic post-operatives. Noted for its human quality in the evaluation and care of nursing patients aimed at their well-being and recovery.