Butt Lift

The Butt Lift allows to increase the volume of the buttocks, as well as lift them, providing a natural result. It is a technique performed through small incisions where the latest generation cold laser is later introduced

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La duración aproximada del procedimiento quirúrgico es de 2 a 3 horas

This surgical procedure is performed by specialized plastic surgeons, under the direction of our scientific director Dr. Gabriel Cubillos.

Nuestros pacientes pueden bajar de peso rápidamente y mejorar su figura

In the same way as the other procedures, the use of our cold laser is essential to achieve those desired results, which allows us to activate stem cells and use the same fat extracted and then introduce it by lipoinjection, it also helps to produce skin retraction through generation of elastin and collagen.


Benefits of the gluteal lift

  • Corrects the position of the sagging buttocks
  • Harmonious and natural results
  • Generation of elastin and collagen in the treated area
  • Activation of stem cells
  • Minimally invasive
  • Millimeter incisions