Laser Megalipolysis

Revolutionary procedure for body definition. The Laser MegaLipolysis is a practical and innovative alternative. The great success of this surgery is the cold light laser technique and equipment that is implemented, which provide less trauma, more safety and reliability.

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Our patients can lose weight quickly and improve their figure

This procedure can be performed on patients who are between 1 and 60 kilos overweight, for total or partial loss of excess kilos.

The approximate duration of the surgical procedure is 2 to 3 hours

First of all, small incisions are made in the skin strategically located and later we proceed to implement our laser technology that allows diluting large amounts of body fat in a single procedure and in an integral way. In other words, our patients should not undergo multiple interventions to achieve a harmonious and noticeable result.

Our experience allows us to say that our patients will enjoy a quick recovery, immediate results, and little disability.


Benefits of laser megalipolysis

  • The less bleeding, the less disability and recovery time.
  • Fast and long-lasting results.
  • Millimeter incisions.
  • Changes in habits and life.
  • Skin contraction in a certain proportion, which can prevent a lipectomy .
  • Greater reliability and security.
  • Treatment of the causes of Obesity.


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