Augmentation mammoplasty is a fully protocolized and standardized procedure, last generation prostheses are used. The objective is to introduce the implants through imperceptible micro incisions, a procedure with minimal trauma.

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La duración aproximada del procedimiento quirúrgico es de 2 a 3 horas

For this procedure, a laser is used to lift the breast, avoiding giant scars around the areola and the nipple, retropectoral prostheses can be placed, the sensitivity of the breasts is preserved, obtaining very natural breasts as a result, according to the body and the preference of each patient.

Nuestros pacientes pueden bajar de peso rápidamente y mejorar su figura

Contamos con tecnología Láser de última generación que nos permite trabajar sobre la piel, preparando a nuestros pacientes para cada cirugía, facilitando cada procedimiento a realizar.

Benefits of mammoplasty

  • Corrects the position of sagging breasts
  • Harmonious increase in the size of the breasts
  • Very small incisions
  • Minimally invasive
  • Does not lose sensitivity of the nipples
  • Use of last generation implants