Metabolic Treatment

We work every day for the benefit of our patients who have health problems related to obesity and overweight.

We have created a Metabolic Treatment designed by our scientific director Dr. Gabriel Cubillos, to effectively treat these health problems.

Did you know?

There are more than sixty diseases related to obesity and overweight, as well as bacteria associated with the alteration of people’s nutrition and metabolism.

Treating these alterations and maintaining a balance in the metabolism of our patients is a mission to which we are committed as a clinic.

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Overweight and obesity

It is important that you understand that this condition is not only related to the food you eat, there are other factors that can affect the body’s health.

A high BMI is a risk factor for health, generating cardiovascular complications, diabetes, and other no less important.


How do we help?

Obesity and overweight are health conditions that can be prevented and also corrected. More than 25,000 patients treated during more than 25 years of scientific medical work are our seal of guarantee.

The treatments are varied since a single treatment is not functional for all types of patients, for this reason we have worked hand in hand with our scientific director Dr. Gabriel Cubillos to provide our patients with an effective treatment that is tailored to their needs; with this metabolic treatment you can lose up to 8 kilos per month.

How to start treatment

  1. Attend the face-to-face or virtual medical assessment
  2. Perform laboratory tests to identify the causes of obesity
  3. Follow the instructions of our professional doctors
  4. Take the treatment
  5. Make the respective diet
  6. Monitoring and control of the results during the time of treatment by the specialist

Treatment phases

  1. Medical assessment
  2. Laboratory tests
  3. Induction
  4. Detoxification
  5. Treatment + Adaptation of the body to the treatment
  6. Treatment + Balanced diet
  7. Diet + Exercise

Success Stories